Sunday, July 5, 2009

warehouse sales....

wed morning (1 july),the day that im waiting for..hehe...for wat?heheh...WAREHOUSE SALES.i take a hlf day leave to go shoppin.i reach the location (stadium melawati,shah alam) sharp 9.30am,bt the sale strt at take a rest at the mamak stall and had my breakfst. actually alot of ppl already been thr. mostly came wit family lo..

By 10.10am,i went in.reli a big warehouse goin on. gt alot of branded stuff on sale,namely nike,adidas,voir,gurdian,jeep and many more. Not much ppl that time,so i gt the chnce to slow thru slowly.hehehe...reli hapi lo..

so by the end of the day i spent Rm130 for 10 items.4 blouses,2 shoes,2 belts, 1 revlon facial mask n 1 silky girl's reli hapi abt that.below items that purchase..

i hate those ppl who are pretending..

hihi,mornin.early morning,someone bring my nerves d.hate her hate her..hate her innocent look..hate her talking..sometimes she act like a child without realising that she actually be someone's mother.haha...wat she talks nvr go thru her so childishly..use ur comman sense la...i reli cant stand her's such a headache to be wit her.for everythin oso nid to ask me, as if she not there.she seem like living in a blur blur state.wake up..

For some things,no one teach me oso..i noe coz i keep asking questions and like to observe things lo..wat she like is talking nonsense abt ppl's family bckgrounds, ppl's bf, ppl's car...maybe she thinks that's was CARING.wat i see that as BUSYBODY.ppl will tell abt that whn thy feel comfortable to share with point keep asking whn thy dun wan to tell.hate her hate her...stupid la she..

all she is fashion fashion fashion..dress like this dress like ppl's dressing..comment on ppl's dressing.i jz hate her la.dont she has bttr things to say n matter hw nice she dress up oso,her attitude din suit her la.she's jz an empty vase.nice to look at bt empty inside. she dont noe hw to carry herslf. wat's more important is inside not outside. inside carry a wider percentage than the outside i shld say.

i just hate her..hate her..everything lo..nw she wan to fight wit me pulak..reli hate her la.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

attraction in shah alam

Taman Tasik Shah Alam

Red Arowana

hello..mornin for you early in the mornin.the time nw is,i m in the mornin shift.that's why im half an hour of work,thn blogging, online, facebooking and continue working bck whn the production is done. anyway, bck to the main point.

today i would to share with you guys some attractions located in Shah Alam. i spent my 3 yrs stdying in Shah Alam. so more or less, during my 3 yrs thr i travel alot. Shah Alam not as happening as in KL or Johor Bharu. no cinema, no karaoke and no clubbing. coz as explained by my senior, Shah Alam is a "Bandar Diraja" or "Town of Your Highness". Thus this area shld be quiet, calm and peacefully. so the youths here will not gt bad influences and turned bad. wat a nonsense ! if he or she want to turn bad, she will be bad.influences can be from various direction, such as media electronic, peers, family background and others.

so we can conclude here that actually Shah Alam gt nothin. it's kinda boring. we will be impression if we can find out attraction areas in Shah Alam.So normally, me and frenz were hang out in Klang or go down to KL.our most frequent hang outs are in Bukit Raja, Klang Parade, Bukit Tinggi in Klang, Sunway Piramid, Mid Valley, Times Square and also KLCC. but bear in mind that, goin out to those areas will take you 1 whole day. Curious, why i say so??

  1. waiting for buses

2.traffic jams

  1. no parking place

Thus for a short walk or jz wish release ur tension aftr a day of study or assignmnts, you can take a walk at Taman Tasik Shah Alam. i used to jog there often during the evening. or have a visit at the Aquarium and bath at Wetworld. if you wish to shop, thr 3 shoppin malls, PKNS, Sacc Mall and Plaza Alam Sentral. There's alot of food can be found here also. McD, KFC, Pizza, Kenny Rogers, Big Apple, Nandos and so much more. you name it. Besides, there's a mini Low Yat dealing with laptops, handphones, PC and all the accessories.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

1st month anniversary in WIMC

PET/CT scan

cyclotron officer being attended to the product

container that transport the radioactive

cyclotron in deep discussion

me playing around with the electronic weighter

time flies reli fast, without's already a month my internship in WIMC.learn alot here, bt stil learnin.coz thr's actually alot to learn.from a very tiny thing till dealing wit machines and major area.namely documentation, production part, Quality Control, GMP, handling the materials and reagents. for all that, thr's actually a proper way to be follow. having fun here in WIMC, get to noe more frenz, new experiences, new environment, but sometimes kinda boring lo..nothin to do lo..

we will busy oni whn there's production.oophs..havnt introduce to you about my department is nuclear medicine department or simply noe as cyclotron.and my post here is cyclotron trainee.the name itself already shocked and amazed alot of ppl..hahaha.. actually i can proudly say that this department is oni available in WIMC and oso in putrajaya.but alot is coming up. many might not noe wat is it actually neither do i in the beginning.

cant tell you much on these oso, coz it's kinda confidential. im just a trainee here oso later if anything happened i cant bear the offence make ya..hehehe...chck the pic above.

beautiful cooking

did i tell you all that i enjoy cooking?that's my hobby-cum-method to release sure feel it's work on me.i reli feel relax whil im cooking.i wont think other whil im cooking or preparing the ingredients.

wat i normally cook depends on mood.i cook wat i want to eat lo.sometimes i create my own version of dish.hahahaa...wont taste bad, ok ok oni lo.besides,i enjy cooking for others.i will hapi whn the ppl enjy having my cooking. my dishes normally from my mom's cooking.i have interest in cooking since im a kid, coz whnever my mom cooks i will be there to watch. carry a stool and stand on it, coz that time not enough tall carefully wat she cooks and wat ingredients she put in.

now i can proudly say that, thz to my mom i learn how to cook least i can cook for myslf to survive lo..whil in stdying here i alwaz cook at home.seldom eat outside.i will cook wat i feel like eating.once i made yong tau fu, go all the way to tesco shah alam (where i normally shop at) to buy all the ingredients. brinjals,lady's fingers, chillies,fish paste,minced chicken, prawns, taufu and others. it's quite time consuming but i enjy all the process in making it, and the face expression from my tasters all reli made my day.thy love it.

but nw seldom got the opportunity to cook d.coz here, the landlord dont allow me to cook.nor she will charge me extra.wuwuw...wait till i find a better place to stay.then i can cook to my heart content ! hahaha...wakaka...(lose my mind already when talk abt cooking).ok, here's are some pic of my creation.enjoy ya.

For more information,you can chck my cooking article in

Besides,i gt my inspiration of cooking from this guy,Nicholas.He's a guy from the mainland China,who enjoy cooking since he was a kid.he has thousands of recipes in the link below for more information:

Family Dinner in 35 Minutes
(suitable for those who is in rush or last minutes preparation)
On the other hands, you can also search recipes thru online cook book at:

wat tan hor

sup kambing

chicken in osyter sauce

beehoon soup

my own version of nissin noodle

east meet west fried rice

ginger chicken with spring onion

source of motivation vs japanese crazy fan?!

Everyone has their own way of reducing stress and source of motivation. some may go for karaoke session, swimming, listen to music, eating and some much more. As for me thy are motivation :

some might nt noe who thy are?let me intro.being the top wan is ikuta toma (from hana kimi japan and honey and clover), follwed by jun matsumoto (from hana yori dango and bambino).thy are not jz a pretite face but oso good in acting. thr dramas o movies reli nice, enjoyable to be watch and bring in thousands meaning in our daily life. For example the drama bambino, says abt a young chef from a small town in Fukaoka, Japan. he's so proud of himslf coz those customers that came to his restaurant alwaz say he cooks the nicest food ever! But one day,his sifu decided to sent him to tokyo. While he was thr, he thght he's the best but it turn out that he's nothin thr.he strt all over a waiter, cleaner, assistant chef and finally chef.that took him 3 he had no regret. reli a nice story.touching..i cried alot of times lo..hahaha..hw hardwork prevail.

besides movie and drama,thr are a few mtv songs that motivate me oso.

this video is from waterboys OST.oso another very meaningful drama.regarding on hardwork, teamwork, care and love..hope you all enjy it ya as much as i enjoy it..haha..

siu kit and siu ling..

ladies and gentlemen, let give a big applause to siu kit and siu ling, my 2 adorable tortoises.My interest on having pet began whn im in my 1st yr in UNISEL.hehe..actually i bought oni 1 tortoise.a male. later on my long-lost fren, zack bought another one which is a female.tat made up a total of a pair of tortoise.hehehe..this pic is taken 2 yrs bck whn thy are stil small.thy 2 grabbed alot of attention wan.i still remmbr whn i stil stying in dorm,evryone fighting over to bath them wan. whn my dorm mates stdy till tension,thy came n ply with thm 2.we even make a race for them more thing, thy two vry romantic wan.thy alwaz do "project" wan..hehheehe.if u noe wat i mean.nw thy grow triple of this size lo..n this container no longer thr playgound d.

besides, im having difficulities oso on taking care of them.siu kit is bad, he keeps escaping.alwaz make me worried later on i used to it d lo.he alwaz wen for vacation for a week and a month sometimes.dun noe whr he wen. Australia?America?Japan? hahaha...if u gt wat i mean.

but the sad thing is thy no longer with me nw.i passed them to my ex who oso a tortoise lover.he gt 3 tortoise of the same size that time i thght let them all make frenz i miss my tortoise nw.hopefully one day, i can take them bck.wondering wat siu kit and siu ling doing? do thy eat and sleep well?do my ex abuse them?hahahaha....(mayb i think so much).

thr gt old ppl saying that keeping tortoise is not good,it's bring bad who noe's.hehee...
i jz miss my tortoise, nxt time i see them agn i will set them free.