Sunday, July 5, 2009

warehouse sales....

wed morning (1 july),the day that im waiting for..hehe...for wat?heheh...WAREHOUSE SALES.i take a hlf day leave to go shoppin.i reach the location (stadium melawati,shah alam) sharp 9.30am,bt the sale strt at take a rest at the mamak stall and had my breakfst. actually alot of ppl already been thr. mostly came wit family lo..

By 10.10am,i went in.reli a big warehouse goin on. gt alot of branded stuff on sale,namely nike,adidas,voir,gurdian,jeep and many more. Not much ppl that time,so i gt the chnce to slow thru slowly.hehehe...reli hapi lo..

so by the end of the day i spent Rm130 for 10 items.4 blouses,2 shoes,2 belts, 1 revlon facial mask n 1 silky girl's reli hapi abt that.below items that purchase..

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